CAMERON COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — An Emporium Borough Police Officer has been charged with child pornography after being investigated by the attorney general’s office Wednesday evening.

Officer Volker Kiefer has been charged with multiple felony counts of child pornography. Kiefer was the handler of K9 Novak.


The attorney general’s office opened a case Oct. 22, 2020 after suspected images of child pornography were reported on a chatroom site. According to the criminal complaint, the photographs displayed minors engaged in sexual acts.

Investigators executed a search warrant March 17 at 3:24 pm and located Kiefer at the Emporium Borough Police Department. He was interviewed at the police station and claimed he accidentally viewed child pornography once but shut it off, according to the charges filed. Kiefer signed a consent form for his cell phone to be searched.

Later on in the interview, Kiefer told police he has viewed child pornography multiple times in the last year and had images saved on his iPad. The Emporium Police Chief said Kiefer is no longer employed with the department. They are not sure at this time what will happen with the K9.

Kiefer is in Cameron County Prison with bail set at $250,000. He has a preliminary hearing March 25.