BEDFORD COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ) — A Bedford County couple goes all out for their Christmas decorations, holding 32 trees across their home.

Nancy and Walt Stolarski have been married for 38 years and have been decorating their New Enterprise house located on Mountain View Drive for multiple years.

The process of decorating takes almost two months. They begin in September and finish the home by late November. Nancy takes her time to go through the multiple bags of decorations to find the perfect ones to display. She’s given the nickname of the Christmas Tree Lady within the area.

“When you look at the trees. I just want them to feel happiness,” Nancy said. “That’s what we need now in our hearts.”

Each of the trees has its own theme, and it matches one of their 14 rooms in the home. There’s a tree decorated with the Disney Princesses and Mickey Mouse, a tree meant for the Nutcracker, and a tree catered to candy land. Nancy said that she tries to come up with new themes every year.

“I just come up with a theme every year,” Nancy said. “We mark our totes with different ornaments in it, and I pull them out and just think, what am I going to do.”

Some of the trees feature items that belonged to Nancy’s grandmother. One of her trees is designated as the Friends and Family tree. It shows photos and precious items belonging to the couple’s family and friends.

Her decorations proved to be a hit with the community. The couple provides tours of their home through January. The couple said that many people smile every time they walk through the home and see the trees. The couple said the reactions of folks is one of the best parts.

“Our doctor came in this past week and said it’s like walking in a Hallmark movie,” Nancy said.

“It just gives you a warm feeling inside,” Walt said. “My wife is a very loving person, and she shows that through what she does in the house.”

Nancy originally began decorating with just ten trees but has tripled that number. One of the main reasons she decorates is for her son Matthew, who passed away seven years ago from an illness. As a tribute to him, the couple decided to use the money they raise during their tours to donate to St. Jude’s. The couple has so far raised over $1,000 for St Jude’s.

“I was looking for something to do, someone with his Christmas money cause we give our kids money for Christmas. We thought St. Jude’s would help us with this.”

Walt said that he’s mainly involved with the outside of the house, and never touches anything interior. He said that Nancy is in charge of all, and he’s proud of all her hard work that goes into making the home look festive.

“It’s just the way she is. She’s just very loving and very giving,” Walt said. “It makes me feel good. I’m very proud of her, and I’m so happy to be with her all these years, and I love her very much.”

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