BELLEFONTE, Pa. (WTAJ) – The Pennsylvania Council on Financial Literacy held a 10-week investing competition for K-12 students statewide, with real-time stock market simulations.

This year, two superstar 5th-grade students from Benner Elementary in the Bellefonte area set the state record.

Brayden and Linden started the contest with $100,000 in their portfolio. Throughout the 10-week competition, they made 166 trades and turned it into $6,706,709.12.

The boys said they were excited to have excelled in learning about the stock market. They even want to continue using real money.

“It was pretty exciting and our goal this year was one million dollars. We multiplied that by six so we were happy,” Linden said.

Their teacher Nick Downs said financial literacy should be taught in elementary school and you shouldn’t have to wait till high school to learn stocks.

“This should be something we are doing with students in general at the elementary level. There are a lot of high school classes which is where a lot of students end up learning financial literacy but I think it is almost too late at that point,” Downs said.

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Lion County Kia is a sponsor of the Pennsylvania Council on Financial Literacy this year. They awarded the boys with a Chromebook and a certificate.