CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — A historic building is given a modern rebirth. This August, The Gamble Mill, Bellefonte’s second oldest building dating back to 1738, is reopening to the public after five years of vacancy.

“My brother and I saw great opportunity and we wanted to breathe new life back into this very historic building,” said Jonathan Virgilio, co-owner of The Gamble Mill with his brother Chris Virgilio.

Take a walk through what once was a flour mill, and you’ll find original architecture and historic pieces. Plus, classic favorites.

“Everybody knows of the pub and restaurant which we did bring back,” said Virgilio.

The restaurant, Creekside, is open for dinner reservations, and the pub, The Republic, opens Wednesday, August 25.

“Just having people in the space just makes it come alive,” said Megan Marchaurelle-Jones, owner of The Republic.

The menu is inspired by classic cocktails.

“Just hang out and have a good time, we just want it to be very casual, very relaxed, and just create a really warm, inviting space for that to happen,” said Marchaurelle-Jones.

Creekside + The Republic

The revamped Gamble Mill goes beyond the original attractions.

“We added three new pieces to have people experience the mill even more,” said Virgilio.

That’s the Inn, with eight suites and sixteen beds total… the boutique, Smith + Front… and the Speakeasy, a private event space that can hold up to 45 people.

The Inn + The Speakeasy

When the doors fully open, there’s just one thing this family asks you to do.

“Super simple,” said Virgilio. “Come and enjoy!”