BLAIR COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ) — A change is coming to the Blair County jury system, making an easier, modern update to filling out jury summons.

Starting during the week of Dec. 12, Blair County residents getting summoned for jury duty happen be happening electronically. District Court Administrator Nicole Smith and Jury Coordinator Sally Padula announced the change on Wednesday, Nov. 23.

Those prospective jurors will be asked to fill out their juror information questionnaire online. Following completion of the form, they’ll receive an email confirmation and receive attachments with additional information about the details of the jury service.

Below is what the form will look like.

Those who do not have access internet are still able to fill out the questionnaire by mail. To receive a mailed form, you must contact the jury coordinator.

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Blair County is making the move to these forms to save taxpayers’ money in the form of postage, and time in the form of convenience. Communication through the jury system can be received either by email or text rather than a phone call.