BLAIR COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — A woman was placed under arrest following a report made to police that she was believed to be driving under the influence with children in the backseat of her car, according to the criminal complaint.

State police at Hollidaysburg said they have charged Skyler Perrin, 29, with one felony count of endangering welfare of children, three minor counts of DUI and several summary charges.

Perrin had allegedly made several trips through a McDonald’s drive-thru Oct. 27, 2020, around 10:30 p.m., forgetting that she was there previously each time, according to charges filed.

When police showed up to the McDonald’s at the 900 block East Main Street, Roaring Spring Borough, they found her vehicle unoccupied.

When Perrin returned with two small children to the vehicle, police report that they followed her out of the parking lot. While at a red light, police noticed one of her brake lights was out. She then made a right-hand turn without using her turn signal.

Police then proceeded to pull her over.

After police told her why she had been pulled over, they questioned her about what happened at McDonald’s. She said she went through the drive-thru twice. After the first time, she claims her child wanted a burger, so she went through again.

Police noticed signs of intoxication, and when asked, Perrin said she is prescribed methadone, and she had taken it in the morning.

After failing a field sobriety test, Perrin was taken into custody and transported to UPMC Altoona where she had her blood drawn. Test results showed that she did in fact have methadone in her system.

An unsecured bail was set March 8 at $30,000, and she’s awaiting a preliminary hearing.

This is Perrin’s first DUI within a 10 year period, according to the charges filed.