CLEARFIELD COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) – A new “Blessing Box” in downtown Clearfield is giving community members in need free food. 

Luke Dixon, a life scout for Troop 9 in Clearfield, has been working on his Eagle Scout project since the Spring. The “Blessing Box” is aimed at people who may struggle to afford enough groceries for themselves and their families. 

“I created it as a hope for the community to put food in the box and if anybody needs to take food out of the box they can at any time,” Dixon said. “Hopefully people from the community will come and help donate food and then people who need it can come and take whatever they need, whenever.”

Dixon and his mother were thinking of ideas and when the idea of a box to give free food to the community was brought up, he knew instantly that is what he wanted to do. 

“It was really just something that I was like, this will help the community and I would love to do that,” Dixon said. 

The box is currently filled with non-perishable food items such as canned goods, sauces, and more. 

“I think it just helps people,” Dixon said. “It gives them a variety of other foods that they can’t always afford. It also helps the other community, the people that donate can feel good about themselves because they know that they’re helping other people.”

Dixon is asking the community for help by adding donations to the box.

“It’s been going fast, we filled it five times already and it’s only been up for about three weeks. So it has been getting heavily used, which is a good thing.”

The “Blessing Box” is located outside of the old Clearfield Borough Police Department in downtown Clearfield.