CAMBRIA COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — One of the two teens who officials believe may have been planning a school shooting has been released after 10 percent of his $400,000 cash bond was posted.

Preston Hinebaugh, now 17, from the Westmont Hilltop School District, was released after court records show his bond was posted Monday, Dec. 27.

According to District Judge Susan Gindlesperger, the following conditions must be met per his release:

  • Placed on house arrest with a GPS monitor
  • Not be permitted to possess any and all firearms or any other instruments of crime or prohibitive offensive weapons
  • Not permitted to reside where any and all firearms are located by any members of the household
  • Not permitted on any public or private school, educational facility or other institution that provides care/instruction to minors
  • No direct or indirect contact with students, administration, staff or any other individual associated with Westmont Hilltop School District
  • No direct or indirect contact with any and all Commonwealth witnesses
  • No direct or indirect contact with co-defendant 17-year-old Logan Pringle

On Dec. 8, police said multiple witnesses saw Pringle at Westmont Hilltop High School, noting he was court-ordered to not be allowed there from previous shooting threats and possessing weapons on school property.

He managed to get into the building with the help of Hinebaugh, as seen by security cameras. They were also seen mapping out cameras and other locations in the school before slipping out the door near the gym.

Hinebaugh also posted on his Snapchat story a photo of Pringle in the school with the caption, “He’s back.”

When police interviewed Hinebaugh, he reportedly told them how Pringle was “obsessed” with guns and would make parts at the Greater Johnstown Career and Technology Center. He added that Pringle wasn’t allowed at his house because he fired a shotgun into a wall.

Hinebaugh also told police that he had an AR-15 and a 30-30 rifle that his parents didn’t know about in his room.

On Dec. 9, Upper Yoder Township Police Department executed a search warrant for the firearms.

According to Police Chief Donald Hess, they found five weapons at Hinebaugh’s home — one pump-action rifle and four AR-15 style semi-automatic rifles that were untraceable “ghost guns” not made by a manufacturer and without serial numbers.

Both Pringle and Hinebaugh were taken into custody without incident and are being charged as adults.

Hinebaugh was charged with felony counts of terrorism, aggravated assault, criminal trespass as well as a misdemeanor for possessing a firearm as a minor.

Pringle was charged with felony counts of criminal conspiracy of engaging in terrorism and two counts of criminal conspiracy of aggravated assault. He remains behind bars with bail resting at 10 percent of $250,000.

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