The State College Borough is recruiting Centre County residents for a special historic preservation project.

The Heritage State College project wants to keep the two historic districts in the Borough rich in character.

But to do that, they need qualified residents to run the new board (HARB).

The Borough is in phase two of the project–developing the design guidelines for nearly 1,000 home owners.

After plenty of community input, the ordinance focuses less on small fixture details and more on future construction, housing additions and demolition.

Ed LeClear, Planning Director for the Borough of State College, said “The rest of it really will be educational. So roofs, windows, how to handle new doors, etc., none of those are regulated by the ordinance.”

But the key piece of the puzzle will be HARB, made up of 7 residents. 

Right now staff is looking for three qualified Centre County residents who can fill the positions for a building inspector, real estate broker and a state licensed architect.

“It’s an interesting moment and exciting moment if you want to volunteer and be on the group and just kinda be a founding member,” LeClear said.

Leclear said the positions are unpaid but they’re value to the community would be tremendous.

“But it is an opportunity, especially as a professional, to give back to the community and have an impact and really bring their expertise as a volunteer,” LeClear said.

Douglas Shontz said they’ve had plenty of success already thanks to active community members giving their input.

“It’s very important as we move forward that people are energized and coming out and sharing their opinions and are getting involved and staying informed because this won’t be successful without that,” Shontz said.

And event when phase three is complete, Shontz said the conversation will need ot continue.

“This is something that’s not just in concrete. stand-still, it’s something that will ever-evolving as we move forward,” Shontz said.

The Borough said they expect to have the HARB committee officially appointed by April.