JOHNSTOWN, Pa (WTAJ) —Grab your paint brushes, Bottle Works Ethnic Arts Center (Bottle Works) is inviting the town to participate in a series of community paintings this September.

Last year, Bottle Works completed its first mural in honor of hometown artist Steve Ditko. To continue to preserve his memory, Bottle Works has completed its second mural design and are ready to bring it to life.

The community is invited, starting on September 10, to join in creating the second mural on the rear side of the Tulip Building, located at 411 Third Avenue in Johnstown. For those interested in participating, call Bottle Works at 814-535-2020 to register for a 30-minute paint time.

Below are times available for dates and times set for painting. If more days are needed, they will be added.

Saturday, Sept. 10 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Wednesday, Sept. 14 3 – 7p.m.
Thursday, Sept. 15 4 – 9 p.m.
Wednesday, Sept. 21 3 – 7p.m.
Friday, Sept. 23 3 – 7p.m.
Wednesday, Sept. 28 4 – 7p.m.

Additionally, comic book creator Javier Herandez from Los Angeles, California will be there to help with the project.

“I am grateful to the Bottle Works and the Ditko Estate for the tremendous honor,” Hernandez said. “Being asked to design a mural dedicated to Steve Ditko, in his hometown, is something I would have never imagined all those years ago when I first discovered his work. I am looking forward to the opportunity to publicly display a variety of the unforgettable characters Ditko created.”

Photo Credit: Bottle Works

The mural (above) will feature Ditko at his desk drawing a number of comic book characters such as Mr. A, the Blue Beetle and more. The mural itself will also be 93′ x 20′. Much like their first mural, which featured Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, the design is printed on fabric which will then be painted followed by adhered to the building with acrylic adhesive.

“Adding the community to the process makes the project even more special,” Director of Advancement and Operations, Melody Tisinger, said. “Community members become a stakeholder in our creative placemaking efforts. Projects like this ignites and excites the town. I would like to thank the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies for understanding and believing in this project.”

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The murals are being funded by the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies. To support and learn more about the Bottle Works public art initiatives, contact Matt Lamb, Creative Director at 814-535-2020, or at