BEDFORD COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Empty halls and classrooms void of children. That might be the fate of Breezewood Elementary School in a few months.

The school board recently held a Section 780 public hearing to close the Breezewood school.

According to the Pennsylvania School Code, “in the event of a permanent closing of a public school or substantially all of a school’s facilities, the board of school directors shall hold a public hearing on the question not less than three months prior to the decision of the board relating to the closing of the school.”

For the 2023 school year, a total of 63 students are enrolled at Breezewood. Kindergarteners who would’ve attended Breezewood, have already moved to Everett Elementary School.

“There’s no cost to move students and teachers. It would just be displacing teachers from their current classroom and moving them to a new one,” David Burkett, Superintendent of Everett Area School District said.

After doing a feasibility study, the school board learned that renovating the elementary would cost about $5.2 million. Closing the school, could save over 300,000 dollars.

“Everyone always thinks that it comes down to money, but it doesn’t. It’s about the children and what’s best for them,” Burkett said.

Immediately after the public hearing, the school board goes through a 90-day period where they respond to any comments from the public. The 90 days is set to end in Jan. 2024.

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The school board plans to take a vote on whether or not to close Breezewood Elementary School in the middle of January.