ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — An Altoona brother-sister duo was arrested and charged after being accused of threatening two landlords with a knife and trying to break down the backdoor of a residence, police report.

Court documents show that 21-year-old Kenneth Dunn and his sister, 19-year-old Madison Dunn, are facing charges of criminal attempt to break into the home owned by the landlords while Madison also faces charges of terroristic threats and simple assault.

Altoona police were called Jan. 21 to a home on the 100 block of Walnut Avenue where they found Madison, Kenneth, and the man that was being evicted from the house along with both landlords.

According to the criminal complaint, one of the landlords told police they were allowing the evicted man to pack up his belongings and leave. After he left with a truckload, both Madison and Kenneth pulled up to the residence. The man claimed that Madison sternly walked to the front door and stood between both landlords pointing a knife at one and allegedly saying “I’ll f****ng kill you.”

The landlords said Kenneth pulled his sister, Madison, away from the encounter and called 911. They told police they then heard a loud banging on the back kitchen door and while they couldn’t see who it was, they slid the refrigerator in front of it.

Madison later told police she was fearful of the landlords and had a knife, but never raised it at either of them or made any threats, the complaint reads.

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Altoona police noted in the document that they were able to match the tread of Madison’s shoes and Kenneth’s boots to muddy footprints on the back door, saying they were fresh and the damage to the door looked like it was new.

Police also said they found the silver blade knife with a black handle that Madison reportedly had.

Both Kenneth and Madison were arraigned and released on unsecured bail. $25,000 for Kenneth and $50,000 for his sister.