CAMBRIA COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ) – The Pennsylvania State Education Association had a press conference on Monday, Sept. 12 in Cambria County to talk about their concerns over Doug Mastriano’s education plan.

They say that the proposed education plan would cut public school funding by more than $12,000,000,000 annually. They also said that those cuts would result in a loss of nearly 119,000 jobs across the state.

The Pennsylvania State Education Association Treasures Jeff Ney says Mastriano’s plan would be detrimental to the public school system across the state.

“So we have on one side Senator Doug Mastriano, who proposed cutting schools across Pennsylvania by nearly half,” Ney said. “We thought that was a very big spotlight that we needed to share with all of the communities, especially right here in Richland.”

According to Ney, the Richland School District would experience a loss of over $4,000,000 in funding and would be forced to lose more than forty employees.

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Mastriano says on his campaign website that he will ensure that public schools remain funded while offering parents opportunites to send their children to the school of their choosing.

Whether it be public, private, or homeschooling.