The ’21st Century Automotive Challenge’ could revamp the way we use electricity.

 Welcome to the Alternative Fuel Competition, an event all about embracing innovation and natural resources.

And it all revolves around the “Morningstar Solar Home,” which runs entirely on solar and wind energy, and can also power up a car.

Joel Anstrom, Director of ’21st Century Automotive Challenge,’ said it absorbs power, and can save it to a grid which can transfer it back and forth.

“If you have an electric vehicle that can take some of the extra energy and use it as motor fuel that’s actually a better bargain than maybe storing energy in the house,” Anstrom said.

Basically, the house gets energy from the sun and the wind, uses it up whatever left over goes to the cars.

Max Levy’s project transformed a motorcycle to run on electric power, proving anything with wheels can make the switch.

“If we’re able to do it on a motorcycle, and create a high-performance motorcycle, I think it’s possible to do it in darn near any vehicle,” Levy said.

Levy competed against several other groups.

Scoring takes into consideration the mileage of the vehicle, its carbon footprint, and other factors it can take on from a days worth of energy from the home.

“They’re kind of the pioneers, the early changing agents that are adopting this themselves,” Anstrom said.

He said going electric can save a lot of energy and money and this event showcases the possibilities for the industry.

It also doubles as marketplace for new ideas and growth for future projects.

“As you can see they’re all talking and sharing ideas so that’s the other aspect of holding an event like this,” Anstrom said, “It’s a conference where they can share ideas and do the new thing.”

With hopes they can spark a new trend with alternative fuels.