BLAIR COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — The Central PA Humane Society has announced that they’ll be getting a new facility.

The new facility will be much larger than the current location which will allow them to house more animals safely and provide better services. Humane Society Board President, Joseph Zolna, says the building will be built on 8 acres of land in Antis Township.

The current shelter is located on Pleasant Valley Boulevard. The new location will only be a few minutes from the current one.

“To have the board approve and kind of give me the reins to do what I needed to to do make this a possibility, is just huge,” Zolna said. “This was one of my goals when I came on as president was to see that the shelter got a new facility built, just amazing to put that all together for the shelter and for the staff here.”

Zolna added that the next step is creating a design for the new building. He plans to get input from the staff on how to make the final project more practical for workers and more welcoming for their furry guests.

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The human society has been looking for a new site for several years. In August of this year, thousands of bees swarmed the shelter after an infestation of nests broke through the ceiling.