BLAIR COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — The Central PA Humane Society has announced that they’ll be closed for several weeks after a disease outbreak.

The feline panleukopenia virus has killed a dozen cats at the humane society. The shelter’s cats and kittens have been vaccinated against the virus, but the vaccine is not 100% effective.

The cat side shelter will be closed until Nov. 10. All cats who are experiencing symptoms will be treated by their veterinarians. The dog side remains open at this time.

Sick cats are being cared for by the shelter’s veterinarian staff, who wear special clothing to prevent the spread of the virus.

“A disposable suit that would see worn in an emergency room visit and they have to wear booties on their feet to walk into the shelter and dip their shoes in bleach to clean their shoes off and leave them sit,” Joe Zolna, President of the Central PA Humane Society said.

The Central PA Humane Society put out a statement on their Facebook page last week.

As ALWAYS. WE WILL NEVER TURN OUR BACK ON A SICK fur baby, so rest assured that we are doing our best to care for all of the sick babies and to prevent our healthy ones from acquiring this fatal virus.

Central PA Humane Society said in a Facebook post

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Due to the virus the shelter is in need of blankets, towels and soft toys since most of those items had to be thrown out.

You can find out more about how to donate on the Central PA Humane Society website.