CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — The Centre County Board of Commissioners introduced the proposed tentative county budget for 2024.

For the 223rd year, Center County covered their proposed budget for the upcoming year. It was announced that there would be no increase in county real estate taxes for the 14th consecutive year. The budget for 2024 is a total of $141.7 million, with $131.1 million for the total operating budget and $28.5 million for capital reserve.

The 2024 budget revenue comes from grants, real estate taxes and departmental earnings.

The budget will go to the following categories:

  • Human services
  • Capital projects
  • Conservation and development
  • Debt service
  • Projection and inspection
  • Judicial
  • Administrations
  • Corrections
  • Other allocations

“This represents a lot of work over the last few months and shows that our budget is lining up with our priorities, mandates, what we are required to do and what the communities expectations are for us as a county,” Amber Concepcion, County Commissioner, vice-chair, said.

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The budget is scheduled to be adopted on Dec. 5, with a 20-day public comment period beforehand. The full 2024 budget can be found on the Centre County website.