Centre County is home to the only United States patent for one of the most unique entertainment products: Mechanical bulls.

Gracienne Myers moved to the US from Brazil 19 years ago seeking the American Dream.

“Couldn’t speak English, probably had you know, few thousand dollars in my pocket–not much,” Myers said.

She pursued the mechanical bull, which was surfacing in the American entertainment scene nearly 20 years ago.

After cutting ties with a company in Brazil, Myers brokered her own deal to have the only US patents to create Mechanical Bull Sales Incorporated. She works with manufacturers and suppliers in the US to create the product.

She has sold mechanical bulls in 42 states, including Pennsylvania, and 44 countries around the world.

“The fact that I chose something that is unique and bring happiness to people, bring fun. There’s not many products out there that you spend the money and you can actually see people smiling,” Myers said.

Myer’s design is equipped with a touchscreen panel, custom ride settings and safety features.

She markets to bars, restaurants, rental companies and bull riding schools.