CLEARFIELD COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — The West Branch High School now has a new esports team that adds another extracurricular activity for the school. 

At West Branch High School you will find a room full of fully equipped gaming setups from computers, chairs, and more for kids to compete in online gaming.

The setups were made possible through a grant received by the district that is specifically for after-school activities for students. Right now there are 16 student members, this includes two teams and four alternate players.

“I mean for kids who don’t do like sports and stuff it’s a really good opportunity to still do something for the school and to be competitive and maybe even win so ya it’s a lot of fun,” 9th-grade student Jonah Porter said. 

Practices started in December and the teams have had two scrimmages and three games so far, and are really enjoying the experience of playing other districts. The kids compete in the TEC minor league. Right now one of the teams even has a 2-0 record beating one of the top teams in the division. 

The TEC league held a media day for the students where students gathered for a presentation by TEC Esports, team photos were taken, and interviews of various team members, captains, and others involved.

Parents were invited as well to attend and participate. This was also a chance for students to network and talk about ideas for the new West Branch team. 

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All games are shared after competitions and live-streamed on the TEC Twitch channel, and the West Branch Esports Youtube channel, as well.