CLEARFIELD COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) – Around 300-second graders from Clearfield County schools were invited to the Annual Progressive Agriculture Safety Day.

During the event, children were shown various safety habits like wearing a helmet as well as learning some mental health tips to deal with stress.

“Well, I think one thing they will gain is a better understanding of why safety and health are important. And this year one thing I’m most proud of is that we have a strong focus on not just our physical safety but we’re talking a lot about our health and our mental health,” Program Manager of the Progressive Agriculture Foundation Jana Davidson said.

This program specifically targets younger audiences and elementary-level children ages 7-13.

The event was held at the Clearfield fairgrounds and the children got to go through 12 separate stations. One station was internet safety being taught by County Attorney Ryan Sayers.

“This is a really important event that is organized and put on because we’re trying to get to these kids young and tell them good habits and not just in the criminal world but good habits for life. And in particular to talk about stranger danger online and in person,” Sayers said.

Along with Sayers, there were many different organizations present.

The twelve stations were:

  • Water Safety (Vanessa Johnson, Clearfield YMCA/Slippery Rock University Aquatics)
  • ATV Safety (Joe Diamond – Pennsylvania Farm Bureau)
  • Personal Safety (Alaina Shaffer, PASSAGES, Inc.)
  • Pedestrian/Halloween Safety (Tim Nebgen, PennDOT)
  • Electric Safety (Kristy Smith, United Electric Cooperative)
  • Identify Theft Superheroes (Samantha Lippert, CNB Bank)
  • Poison Look-a-Likes (Susan Alexander, Community Volunteer/Retired Penn State Extension)
  • Bully Bingo (Rebecca Misko – Community Action, Inc. Crossroads Project)
  • Dog/Pet Safety (Alyssa Woods, Community Volunteer)
  • Internet Safety (Ryan Sayers, Clearfield County District Attorney)
  • 911 (Jeremy Ruffner, Clearfield County Emergency Management)
  • Mental Well-being/Stress (Lauren Davidson, Student at DuBois Central Catholic High School)
  • Hidden Hazards at Home (Lindsie Wisor – State Farm Insurance)
  • Think Your Drink (Jessica Engle, Penn State Extension in Clearfield County)

“Obviously this is a good event for community relations. These different organizations and groups coming out and talking to these kids and these kids becoming familiar with them so they know that there is a place to go and people to talk to about anything in their life that is safety related,” Sayers said.

The Progressive Agriculture Safety Days is recognized as the largest rural safety and health educational program for children in North America. Since 1995, the program has reached more than 1.9 million children and adults and has offered up to 400 events annually.

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The program is offered in the United States, Canada, and America Samoa, and is licensed in South America. Visit to learn more.