CLEARFIELD COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ) — The Coalport Borough had a meeting Monday night to vote on if they would continue funding the Glendale Volunteer Fire Department after they said their finances were running low.

But instead, the Borough and fire company decided to postpone the vote. They are not terminating the contract but instead keeping it in good faith until December when they will revisit it and look at their finances.

“We’ll receive no funds until December and they have time to look at their finances and look at their money and see if they can make a donation,” Glendale Volunteer Fire Company Vice President Patrick Hamilton said.

The Glendale Volunteer Fire Department has responded to nearly 200 QRS calls and an additional 77 fire calls in the past 5 months and they said no matter what the community can rely on them with or without the support from the Coalport Borough council.

In the past, the borough gave $7,500 to the department and after financial issues, they negotiated down to $3,500 to continue supporting the fire company.

“I think the idea of taking the money away from the fire company is disgraceful, when I was on council I worked very diligently with the fire company and will Barby and the other council members at that time, some of which sitting at that table today to make sure the fire company got at least something,” Coalport formal council member, Robert Lee said.

But the borough said they are in a tough financial situation and they have some hard decisions to make.

“I’m sorry it’s come to this, really I am, I got a really rotten job to do there are no good choices, but I’m going to do the best I can for the people of Coalport,” Coalport Borough Council President Paul Zupich said.

The fire department asks the community to keep supporting them and show out to their annual Kayak Poker Float Fundraiser on June 13th.