CLEARFIELD, Pa. (WTAJ) — A solar panel installer from Columbia reportedly tried to lure a teen to a motel room only to be busted by a married couple who told police they set the whole thing up.

Lawrence Township police were called Sept. 20 to the area of Super 8 and McDonald’s on Clearfield-Shawville Highway to find multiple people between the businesses and a man claiming he was there to confront 27-year-old Edwin Gomez Lamadrid.

According to the man, his wife had been messaging Lamadrid, posing as a 15-year-old girl, since Sept. 14. Police said in the criminal complaint they were given a binder by the man which was full of messages and pictures between the worker and who he thought was a teenager.

Police noted they read multiple messages about Lamadrid wanting to meet the girl, telling her not to be nervous. When told she was a virgin, Lamadrid reportedly messaged “it’s ok, baby, I’ll treat you with love anyway,” according to the criminal complaint.

While being interviewed with a translator present, Lamadrid reportedly admitted he sent a sexually explicit photo of himself to the person he thought was the teenage girl. Police said that the translator told them that this was legal in Columbia and he may not have known it was illegal in the United States.

According to the affidavit, police were quick to point out the messages where Lamadrid made statements showing he knew it wasn’t right, including a message that read “it’s a risk because I’m 27.”

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Police noted that Lamadrid used an app to translate his messages as he doesn’t speak any English and has only been in the country for about four months, working to install solar panels.

Court documents show that Lamadrid is facing charges of corruption of minors and criminal solicitation.