MARTINSBURG, BLAIR COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — One Blair County community wants to recognize and remember a man for all he did for the area.

W. Gene Henry lived in Martinsburg his entire life and showed his love for the community it many different ways.

“His family was this community,” Chuck Kensinger, from the Martinsburg Borough Council,” said. “He wanted to give to Martinsburg. He had the resources to do that and he did that.”

Henry founded Henry Mobile Parks, which provided affordable housing for generations. The success of the parks allowed him to do things like give to local charities, buy property to improve street safety, construct two buildings for Fairview Cemetery, give to the Martinsburg Fire Company and donate land and funds for the Martinsburg Municipal Building, Police and EMS station.

Henry died February 17, 2021, but that didn’t stop his contributions.

In his will, he left $1 million to Fairview Cemetery, $1 million to Morrison’s Cove Memorial Park, $100,000 to Martinsburg Community Library and $100,000 to Martinsburg Fire Company.

“For me he was an example of what we need to do for each other,” Kensinger said. “He cared about people, he cared about this community and for that reason he was a good role model.”

There’s a plan in place to recognize Henry and to remind future generations what he did for there area.

The goal is to raise $10,000 through private contributions to build a monument in his honor.

Donations can be sent to: Gene Henry Memorial Fund, Martinsburg Borough Office, 110 S. Walnut Street, Martinsburg, PA 16662.

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