BLAIR COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ) – Contour Airlines CEO Matt Chaifetz visited Altoona-Blair County Airport today in a thirty-passenger jet that will become the standard for the airport when Contour takes over its air traffic controls beginning on October 1.

The planes will allow the airport to move more passengers than their eight-seat planes, which are the current standard. Chaifetz says that this is just one change that they hope to make.

“A jet aircraft capable of cruising higher and at faster speeds with a full lavatory and a flight attendant service I think is a much-improved product,” Chaifetz said. “In terms of onboard service, complimentary snacks, complimentary drinks, a free check bag with most fares.”

The change comes as Altoona-Blair County Airport changes its affiliation from Boutique Airlines to Contour. Airport Manager Tracy Plessinger says that while they were happy with what Boutique provided them with, they are excited about the opportunities that Contour will provide the area.

“We’ll be connecting through Philadelphia, hopefully through Charlotte in the future,” Plessinger said. “That allows people better connections to the national air transportation system.”

New paths will allow travelers to fly to a wider range of destinations with fewer stops along the way. Both men hope that this and better in-flight service will encourage travelers, both local and nationwide, to utilize the airport.

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“I think this is probably more akin to the commercial airline service that people are accustom to,” says Chaifetz.