Firefighters from as far as Westmoreland County responded to a barn fire in Somerset Monday morning.
The call came in shortly after 9 a.m. when kids playing outside saw the flames coming from the barn.  They ran inside and called 9-1-1.
Ten crews showed up less than ten minutes later, but only a skeleton of the building was left. 
The Somerset fire chief said they are not sure what caused the fire, but hay bales inside fueled the flames.  The family had just gathered the hay Sunday evening and put it all in the barn. 
“The reason why we’re actually taking hay out from the barn is because of all the buildings off to the side of it and the wind and the house being close,” said Somerset Volunteer Fire Dept. Chief Michael Livengood. “We wanted to get it down into the field that was just cut and that way we can get everything wet down pretty good.”
Chief Livengood added the fire will not be investigated because it was not suspicious.  None of the people there were injured, but one calf did die in the fire.