JOHNSTOWN, PA (WTAJ) – The Cuddles For Kids organizations are taking the initiative to further help the people of Cambria and Somerset counties through their latest project.

The Caring Nooks project is where the organization repurposes 16 old newspaper machines to stuff them with hygiene products. Multiple volunteers spent the afternoon of Friday, July 15 spray painting and repurposing the machines.

Cuddles for Kids started its non-profit in 2006 to donate toys and goods to children across Western Pennsylvania. Since they started, they’ve donated over $750,000 in goods.

Throughout the weekend, the volunteers will continue cleaning the machines. On Sunday, July 17, they will stuff them with hygiene products such as shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, and soap.

Executive Director of Cuddles for Kids, Robin Hagins, said they got all the products from their hygiene drives and its multiple sponsors. The project was all made possible by a grant from the 1889 foundation.

The organizers chose hygiene products because of the vital need for necessity. They believed this small project would help folks get their basic needs in this economy. Everything is free, but folks are encouraged to only take what they need.

“It’s always very heartwarming and humbling how much the community truly cares and supports our initiatives,” Hagins said. “The fact that we’re able to help somebody with a basic need that we all take for granted every day. That’s what we strive to do, make our communities a little better and help our neighbors.”

So far, the dispensaries will be at Beginnings Inc., Johnstown Middle School, and the YWCA in Johnstown. Another will be placed at the Windber Community Building. Any location interested in having a machine can contact the organization.

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All the machines will be at their locations on Sunday, July 17.