BLAIR COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — The Blair County District Attorney’s Office announced during a press conference Tuesday morning they have closed their investigation into the homicide of a Hollidaysburg man in 2020.

District Attorney Peter Weeks spoke during the conference where he shared details of the investigation into the murder of Tyler Richard Slippy, 27.

Tyler Richard Slippy, 27 of Hollidaysburg.

“This homicide would not have been solved but for the cooperation between the community and law enforcement including Hollidaysburg Police, Pennsylvania State Police, the Altoona Police Department, the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office and Cambria County law enforcement agencies,” Weeks said. “The close cooperation between the State Police and Hollidaysburg Police facilitated an investigation that was more thorough, effective and quicker than it otherwise would have been. We are grateful to the Pennsylvania State Police Crime lab for their thorough examination of the evidence. It is the hope of the District Attorney’s Office that the close of this investigation can bring some comfort to the family of Mr. Slippy.”


Slippy was found dead by family members on Nov. 22, 2020, in his apartment along Allegheny Street. Weeks said Hollidaysburg police and a state police forensic team processed the scene where bloody footprints were found on the porch and walkways of the apartment.

An autopsy showed Slippy died from severe blood loss from four separate stab wounds. The autopsy also showed defensive wounds on Slippy’s hands, indicating he fought against his assailant.

Police later identified Kenneth Kim as a suspect in the homicide in December 2020 when it was found he had a cut on his hand.

Weeks said Kim hid his hand under a table while he was being questioned. When asked about the injury, Kim claimed he accidentally cut his hand on a kitchen knife while unloading his dishwasher months prior to Slippy’s death. However, it was found Kim sought medial treatment for his hand at Conemaugh Memorial Medial Center in Johnstown hours after the murder.

Kim reportedly stole a car from his employer and fled from authorities as they were serving search warrants. He was later found at a hotel in Ebensburg where state police say he retreated into his room and committed suicide by gunshot.

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During the investigation, it was discovered Kim allegedly had a romantic interest in a female co-worker who was already engaged in a romantic relationship with Slippy.

This information was supported by a close friend of Kim who told police he confessed to killing Slippy because of their “romantic rivalry.” Kim also allegedly told his friend he broke into Slippy’s apartment by memorizing the passcode to a lock.

Weeks said cleaned blood was found in Kim’s home and vehicle. Drops of blood were also reportedly found on steps exiting Slippy’s apartment which later matched Kim’s DNA.

The District Attorney’s office said in January 2021 they would have authorized an arrest for Kim for first-degree murder had he not taken his own life. Weeks reiterated this in Tuesday’s conference and said sufficient evidence was collected to support the prosecution of Kim.