JOHNSTOWN, Pa. (WTAJ) — Johnstown residents who are eager to ride the city’s inclined plane will have to wait a little longer. A delay in parts delivery for the rehabilitated funicular has moved its reopening to 2024.

The Cambria County Transit Authority (CamTran) is overseeing a rehabilitation project of the inclined plane and provided an update on its progress Wednesday, May 24. CamTran said the completion of the project has been delayed due to a delay in the delivery of sheave wheels.

They explained the wheels are used to help guide haul cables that the north and south cars use to travel. The cables wrap around the wheels and unwind as the cars move up and down the hill.

According to CamTran, six wheels have already been installed and two safety sheave wheels are needed to complete the project. Executive Director Rose Lucey-Noll said safety is their primary concern with the project.

“The diligence of CamTran and its consultants ensured that all testing protocols were satisfied through various checks at each stage of construction due to diligence from CamTran throughout the process,” Lucey-Noll said.

The delivery date for the wheels has changed on a bi-weekly basis with a new date estimated for mid-June. Once the wheels are delivered, all remaining work on the project can move forward.

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CamTran said if the wheels are delivered in mid-June, the potential reopening could happen in November. However, due to the incline closing in December, the authority will not reopen it until Spring 2024.

Asiago’s Tuscan Italian restaurant at the Incline is remaining open during the rehabilitation project. More information about the Johnstown Incline Plan can be found here.