CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Three days of live performances and dozens of multicultural performances capped off Sunday through the annual Rhoneymeade Fest.

This year’s festival featured 45 multicultural performances spanning from DJs to love art making. From Friday through Sunday, visitors could enjoy the performances, check out food from local vendors and take part in guided hikes.

Festival organizers Corey Elbin and Erica Quinn spoke about their hopes for this year’s festival and all the different locations involved.

“We wanted to have a ton of downtown programming at different venues and establishments, so we had downtown programming on Friday at 3 Dots and Zeno’s and in the Sidney Friedman Park, Elbin and Quinn said. “And then on Saturday and Sunday we kind of feature this beautiful landscape in Rhoneymeade out here near Centre Hall.”

Elbin said the event is a huge collaboration between local businesses and musicians that is continuing to grow the community each year.

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For more information about the Rhonemeade Fest, visit their website.