DUBOIS, Pa. (WTAJ) — DuBois City Council member Shannon Gabriel has stepped down from her role effective immediately.

Gabriel announced her resignation through a Facebook post-Wednesday evening.

Now that I have alerted my fellow city council members, our acting manager and a very select few city employees, I have officially resigned from my position as council member for the City of DuBois.

After several in depth discussions with my family, I have decided that resigning is in the best interest of my personal safety, in the best interest of my professional career and overall well being.

The ugliness and pure hatred that has been displayed for the past two months is appalling. People have resorted to taking pictures of council members without their permission and posting on social media. The ignorant name calling and blatant lies to further their agenda is outrageous. Pure evil is at work. This is no longer about money that may or may not be missing. This is no longer about the sale of land, benefits, contracts or consolidation. This is a personal attack fueled by jealousy and ugliness.

I am better than all of this and every single one of those people. I have carried myself with grace and dignity. I am so proud of everything that we have accomplished during my time on council. The city is beautiful and thriving. I have met AMAZING people and have life long friends that I otherwise wouldn’t have met. I made DuBois my home 13 years ago. I do believe that it is an amazing place to live and work!

Shannon Gabriel – Facebook

WTAJ has confirmed this with Gabriel, however, she did not want to speak on camera regarding her resignation.

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Gabriel’s announcement comes two months after DuBois city manager, John “Herm” Suplizio was charged for allegedly committing tax fraud.

Because of the Suplizio situation, other council members have been brought to the center of attention, as community members are calling for them to resign due to a lack of transparency and how the council has handled records.