DUNCANSVILLE, Pa. (WTAJ) – A local park is receiving updates that will hopefully make a drastic impact on both the beauty and safety of the community.

The Rain Garden at the Duncansville Memorial Park was revitalized with new plants and fruit trees on Friday. This work was completed by Duncansville Borough Council Members, firefighters, neighbors and The Wild Ones, a nonprofit, environmental education and advocacy group.

“Some of the trees that we’re planting today could get to be 80 feet tall. I probably won’t be here to see them when they get to that height, but that’s the goal that it will be here forever,” Annette Lewis, a Duncansville Borough Council Member, said.

The hope is that this project will not only help beautify the area, but also deal with flooding issues.

“It slows down the water from going into the creeks, the rivers that could erode and flood into residential areas. And it also filters toxins from the streets,” Jordan Sesame Wild, a member of Wild Ones, said.

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The park is open to the public and located on 8th Ave, behind Sunbrook Manor on 3rd Ave in Duncansville.