ORBISONIA, HUNTINGDON COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — East Broad Top Railroad will be hosting an event next month that honors America’s war history.

On May 22 and May 23, East Broad Top will have their first annual “EBT Goes to War” event that will feature a one hour train ride on their newly installed main line, reenactments of life during wars, demonstrations, re-created encampments and more.

Their goal is to have customers immerse themselves in war history, by taking them back in time with this event.

“When you show up to East Broad Top Railroad, you’d be hard pressed to tell me it’s not the 1940’s or earlier, when you step into Orbisonia, you are really stepping back in time, in the most literal sense,” said Jonathan Smith, Director of Sales and Marketing for East Broad Top Railroad.

“One of the ways that we want to honor our American heroes is by showcasing America’s War History as much as possible.”

Smith says tickets are selling fast and encourages those who are interested to visit East Broad Top’s website for more information.

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