ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — An employee at an Altoona eatery was arrested Sunday after reportedly stabbing a coworker during a heated argument over him not working hard enough.


Anthony Towles, 51, of Tyrone, is facing felony charges after police were called to FiveGuys in Altoona and found the victim with a stab wound to their neck, mere inches from a carotid artery.

Police report that both the victim and Towles stated that they got into an argument over the victim telling him he wasn’t working hard enough. The two employees then made their way into the back parking lot behind the shopping center. The victim told police that at this point, Towles said “I’m going to kill you” to him.

Towles then related that he took a pen from his sock and swung it at the victim. Police noted that the victim had an inch long, rather deep cut to the left side of his head behind his ear, mere inches from a major artery.

Towles was placed under arrest. He’s facing multiple charges including two felony counts of aggravated assault with an attempt to cause serious bodily injury. He was placed in Blair County Prison on $100,000 cash bail.

WTAJ reached out to Five Guys for comment and to learn the status of the employees, but the company did not immediately respond.

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