CLEARFIELD COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — An inmate who escaped from the Clearfield County Jail was found hours later at a local motel, authorities said.

Craig Hauke-Miller, 36.

Craig Hauke-Miller escaped the jail around 1 p.m. May 30. Authorities said during an afternoon count, they found they were one inmate short — Hauke-Miller.

Hauke-Miller was found more than seven hours later, around 8:28 p.m., at the Royal Inn located on Clearfield Woodland Highway.

Through the investigation, police discovered that Hauke-Miller was part of a small group of inmates being taken outside for time in the yard. While the guard was occupied with the other four inmates, Hauke-Miller managed to climb up onto the door frame of the steel door and up to the roof. He was then seen on security footage running across the employee parking lot, out of view, according to the criminal complaint.

Investigators said that Hauke-Miller left an orange folder with his legal paperwork in his cell with “F*** you I’m out” written on the outside.

According to the complaint, police said that Hauke-Miller had taken numerous steps in an attempt to hide after his escape, including:

  • Wearing white boxers, socks and a t-shirt under his prison uniform.
  • Breaking a blue ink pen to make his white shirt look like a tie-dye shirt.
  • Using blue and yellow markers to add color to his white prison shoes
  • Shaving his full head of hair and his beard into a goatee
  • Stealing a pair of eyeglasses from another inmate

Authorities said that other inmates claimed Hauke-Miller was seen counting bricks from the top of the door frame to the yard up to the roof to help himself judge the distance he needed to jump.

After a manhunt that included aircraft, Hauke-Miller was found at the Royal Inn motel. According to the affidavit, a woman answered when police showed up and told them to take him.

Authorities noted in the criminal complaint that Hauke-Miller has a history of violent crimes, escapes, pursuits, and other high-risk behavior.

“We never want to see this happen again. So we’ll do everything we need to do to correct things that are happening,” Warden Dave Gallagher said.

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Hauke-Miller was in jail after being charged with the robbery of Fuel On in Chester Hill Borough. He was scheduled for sentencing in the robbery case later in July, court documents show.

Clearfield County commissioners said Wednesday morning that they are looking into ways they’ll be able to alert the public more efficiently in the future about public incidents.

“We did hear the public’s concerns, for making sure that people are notified and we will find ways to resolve that,” Commissioner Mary Tatum said.

“We will be discussing those at upcoming county commissioner’s meetings as well as prison board meetings. You will hear from us in the next several months, as soon as we’re able to gather all the information we need and come up with what we believe the proper response is going forward,” Commissioner John Sobel said.

Hauke-Miller is now facing escape charges and had his bail denied, citing he’s a flight risk.