The theme of this year’s LION bash is ‘living in one neighborhood’ and it’s all meant to show what the community offers to maintain the quality of life and safety. 

This is the fourth year that the Borough of State College will bring both of its largest communities together at one big block party.

“We wanna make it easier for students and permanent residents to live together and familiarize themselves with each other,” Off-Campus Student Union Member Anna Livingston said.

The event is filled with entertainment and over 90 engagement stations which include topics of government, community organizations, Penn State services and local businesses. 

“We want everyone to get along, we want everyone to be respected and feel respected and… for everyone to have a voice,” Autumn Busbee, Borough Community Engagement Specialist, said.

With two different generations living in one community, there is one main goal.

“Ya know, also along with that, (we) wanna have a good time. And with a good time we try to educate (that there) comes responsibility, and just respect. And ya know, we do require and ask that both parties respect each other’s different types of lifestyles,” Kevin D. Kassab, Borough Community Engagement Manager, said. 

With tensions running high across the country, some believe events like this are more important than ever.

“When you have these sort of events that connect people across the ways that they identify, they begin to empathize build bridges between the groups that are sometimes at odds. I think if we can create more empathy, if we can create more of a sense that we are one community and not a divided community — I think that’s really good for us in the long term,” Ben Wideman, Campus Pastor for 3rd Way Collective, said.  

The event is this Tuesday, along South Allen Street from 6-10 p.m. 

And with a crowd of 500 to 1,000 people expected to attend – police will be present, along with road barriers.