BEDFORD COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ)– The Bedford County Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting Wednesday morning to celebrate Everett borough’s new motto and plans.

The new motto, “Everett: Small Town Big Heart,” was unveiled in November after the town voted on the slogan. This new motto comes as the borough is experiencing multiple improvements and revamping changes.

President of the Everett Business Association, Kaci Batzel, said it describes the community’s willingness to want to improve. The motto also collaborates with the branding surrounding Bedford of “Small Town America.”

“Small town, big heart. If you look around, Everett is a tiny town with a whole hodgepodge of different people,” Batzel said. “It’s a small community, but they’ve been notorious for coming together when something is going on. We’ve hosted concerts here on Main Street, and block to block it’s completely full.”

The borough’s significant revamp initiative yet is through its theatre. The Everett Theatre has been a Main Street staple for the last 100 years. The town is working towards constructing it, so it serves as a community center moving forward.

Batzel said there are more businesses unlike when she moved six years ago. She said that almost all the storefronts are filled.

Business owners are dominant figures in the movement for change. Batzel said the owners have done work in improving the façade of Main Street making it more inviting and attractive.

“We’ve had a lot of new businesses move in and take off, and they’re thriving; as well as the current business owners and storefronts, they’ve done a lot of face lifting,” Batzel said. “There’s been a lot of work done to the facades of the buildings. Overall, a lot of work has gone back into the town itself. It’s incredible the amount of progress we’ve seen in a short time.”

The motto also describes the community’s commitment to investing back. Batzel said the younger generation is returning to the community and opening businesses.

“We’re seeing many younger business owners come back, set up shop, put down roots, and invest not only their time and money but their volunteer efforts back into this town,” Batzel said. “Without that kind of sense of community, we wouldn’t be able to have the things going on here.”

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Batzel said the borough is looking forward to the revised Bloody Run Canoe and Kayak Classic. This new festival will debut as the Bloody Run Float Festival on Saturday, June 3.

She said there would be crafts, food vendors, and bands along Main Street performing most of the day. Then floats will be displayed along the Juniata River.