CLEARFIELD COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Falls Creek now has a free library and food pantry thanks to residents and the borough. 

A few months ago, Cathy Grinnen approached the borough with the idea to add these to the Falls Creek community. Grinnen came up with the idea after visiting DuBois and seeing how many people were walking around.

“As I drove down Main Street in Falls Creek I passed by four people walking to (I assume) Sheetz. This made me realize that a lot of the residents in our little town have to catch a bus or walk when they need supplies. I felt like the pantries could make a lot of people’s lives a little easier,” Grinnen said. 

The idea of these pantries is simple. Grinnen compares it just like the little red penny bins at the register that says “Need one, take one, have one, give one.” The two boxes hold books as well as nonperishable foods that anybody can access throughout the day as well as give back. 

“Anyone can take or give anything they’d like. We would like to keep one box designated for books and the other for nonperishable foods,” Grinnen said. 

Grinnen added that since the boxes were installed many community members have already started using them. 

“The little boxes have been visited a lot,” Grinnen said. “New books and food donations have come and gone which is great for everyone.”

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Not only does this project give back to the community but it also teaches a lesson to youth in the area. 

“In seeing this project come to light in multiple towns, now I can say that as a mom it gives my boys a good example of how doing a little bit for others has the potential to make a big impact,” Grinnen said. “If others adopted the ‘Pay it forward’ type movement and ask themselves how they could help others, even in a small way, the impact could have a trickling effect. No matter what choices people have made in life, nobody deserves to go to bed hungry! At least now the residents of our town can know a place to go to grab a few things.” 

The boxes can be found along Main Street across from the post office.