Raising a child with disabilities can be a challenge especially when that child has trouble communicating or moving around.  Wednesday, some families facing those challenges got a little help.

Troy and Angelica Wilson’s four year-old boy Cree has down syndrome and can’t speak.

“We really don’t know when he’s sick or anything, he has no way to tell us,” Angelica said.
Figuring out what he needs isn’t always easy.
“It’s frustrating, it’s a guessing game, so he’ll make a sound or he’ll cry and we just kind of have to guess at what he wants,” Angelica Wilson, Cree’s Mother, said.
“He makes a lot of grunt noises when he tries to tell you what he’s thinking,” Troy Wilson, Cree’s Father, said.
Now, a donation is making things a little easier.
These communication devices help kids with disabilities tell their parents their wants, needs and feelings, like how much pain they’re feeling.
On Wednesday night, two organizations came together to give 11 Pennsylvania families in need, 7 communications devices, 2 adaptive bikes and 5 adaptive strollers.
Charlie LaValley, with Variety the Children’s charity, says just like the communication devices, the adaptive bikes and strollers help the whole family.
“Not only does the child with disabilities get left out, but often what happens, it really impacts the whole family, so there stuck in the house more,” LaValley, said.
To find out if your family qualifies for an adaptive bike, adaptive stroller or communication device you can go to: