CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — The first-ever spiked protein beverage, Protochol, is now on the market and it’s coming to State College shelves.

Protochol carries an 8% ABV and 11 grams of protein in a 16-ounce can. It’s non-carbonated, comes in three flavors including orange county, pineapple pump, and swoleberry, and is described as a light, refreshing juice.

“It’s not just another seltzer, it’s not just another beer,” Protochol CEO Mitch Clark said. “It’s worth paying attention to.”

Clark is a 2020 Penn State University graduate.

“During the spring semester of 2020 when everything went virtual, me and some friends would have extra time after finishing virtual classes and just go and work out for hours in our hometown of Erie and just scheme up some business ideas,” Clark said.

They thought of a product that matched their lifestyle but was missing from the market.

“We all live the lifestyle of going to class or work on a Friday, going straight to the gym to lift workout, and then drinking almost immediately after,” Clark said. “We thought, why not consolidate those two habits into one product.”

Clark and his team developed the product at home in Erie.

“It really started, like, total DIY,” Clark said. “We would buy plastic bottles in bulk on the internet and scheme-up these recipes on spreadsheets and stuff, and mix by hand. We made a ton of different flavor recipes.”

After receiving flavor feedback from their community, Clark said they worked with beverage experts to commercialize. They launched Protochol in Erie this January

“There’s no such thing as healthy alcohol, there’s no healthy seltzer or beer, it is alcohol, but why not while you’re drinking, add some protein to it if you’re on the go if you don’t have a chance to eat or have a protein shake between your workout and your pregame,” Clark said.

The drink will hit State College shelves this August.

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“We’ve had Penn State on our radar since we started the company, knowing how good of a target audience you get with the 21+ giant college crowd there,” Clark said.

Specific retail locations will be added to Protochol’s website.