HUNTINGDON COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ)–Karley Miller opened up her food truck, Rebelz, during the pandemic. Now, two years later, she’s facing the current situation of high gas prices and food costs.

Miller opened her food truck in September 2020. She always loved cooking and business, and she felt a food truck was the best way to go. The name Rebelz is in honor of her cat, who passed away.

Gas Prices are still averaging above $4.00 in the state for regular fuel. Miller calls it a scary feeling seeing how high prices are at this time.

“We’re spending a lot of time going back and forth with our new base where we are building our commerce area kitchen, so it’s a lot of gas for us,” Miller said. “It’s a lot of money going into that, and watching our prices rising with the local businesses we’re working with to get our product is kind of scary.”

Miller said on average; she could fill up her tank about one to two times a week. Her business does acquire gas points through Giant and charges for travel if they have to go far. Even though she has these incentives, things can still be challenging.

“We have to pay to go places, so it’s a lot if you’re going far away,” Miller said. “But if it’s local, it’s not too much.”

In addition to the gas prices, her food costs are still high because of the shortages. She said that some of her items are up between 5 and 15 percent, but her distributors have been accommodating. That could mean her food prices are higher than they’ve been, but she has a strategy to make sure things remain affordable.

“Now it’s basically watching and paying attention and trying to make sure items are affordable for friends and family,” Miller said.

Despite these challenges, Miller remains resilient and said gas prices would not stop her from opening her doors. She’s heading into this summer season with a positive outlook. She’s looking forward to seeing a new set of customers walk up to her truck.

“I love my customers; they’re awesome,” Miller said. “A lot of them are understanding of everything that’s happening. So, I think we’ll be fine; we’ll balance out alright.”

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Rebelz Food Truck will open in Huntingdon Friday, April 1.