ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — Altoona Police have made an arrest of a fourth teen in connection to the murder of 15-year-old Devon Pfirsching that took place on February 25, 2020.

Police announced the arrest of 16-year-old Omedro Davis Jr. after the investigation shows that he helped facilitate the purchase of the gun that was used for three grams of weed and $110. It also showed that he reportedly helped the three teens in planning the robbery over snapchat, and then advised Southerland to get rid of the gun, telling Southerland via text “Bruh yu shot him”, “dats still a charge”, “a hella charge,” and “and if he died its even worse.”

He also advised Sunderland to take alleys and to bring everything to get rid of it.

Police were able to execute search warrants on the four teen’s phones, including social media apps Facebook and Snapchat after a confidential informant went to police and gave a statement about the stolen gun.

The informant reportedly told police that the gun was stolen from an apartment at Logan Hills in Altoona and given to him to hold on to. He says he never heard back from the guy so he decided to sell the gun for $150. According to the complaint, the informant talked with Davis and Sunderland and agreed to sell the gun to them for three grams of weed and $110.

Police report that through the search warrants, they were able to confirm everything as stated. From deleted messages to pictures on social media of Davis and Sunderland both posting with the gun pointed at the camera.

Altoona Police determined that: “upon review of the totality of the evidence including cell phone records, social media records, and statements made by Green, Persing, Southerland and the informant, Davis facilitated and carried out the purchase o the firearm used in the robbery and homicide. Davis actively participated in the planning of the robbery and gave instructions on how he believed the firearm should be used to gain compliance of the victim.”

Davis is being charged with 2nd-degree murder, criminal conspiracy, robbery, criminal use of a communication facility, firearm not to be carried without a license, minors not to possess firearms, possession with intent to deliver/delivery of a controlled substance, and other various firearm charges.