BLAIR COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Republican Candidate for Governor Senator Jake Corman visited Hollidaysburg Thursday to meet with workers and discuss various issues.

Corman’s Small Town PA Bus Tour stopped at the McLanahan Corporation at 200 Wall Street where he talked with employees. He said the concerns he heard were not about the work itself but more about workers’ freedoms and the supply chain.

“They’re very concerned about what they went through the last couple years with COVID and so are employers,” Corman said. “A lot of the questions are about finding employees, finding products, you know getting things to and from here. That’s always a challenge with supply chains. These are a lot of the issues we’re talking about.”

Corman says transportation and shipping is one of the most significant issues facing corporations. The Gubernatorial candidate also discussed the state gas tax and said his plan would help greatly reduce them.

“Pennsylvanians have been let down by the Biden administration’s energy policies, which have only been made worse by Russia’s attack on Ukraine,” Corman said. “There’s something we can do about this right now to help. My plan in Pennsylvania, coupled with a federal gas tax holiday, would slash taxes by about 50%.”

Corman’s bus tour, which began on Feb. 28, also stopped in Bedford County on April 24. He’s been traveling all across the state meeting with residents to gain support.

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The primary will take place on Tuesday, May 17.