CENTRE COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ) – Another candidate for lieutenant governor made a stop at State College today.

On Monday, Oct. 17 the stop was part of Michael Bagdes-Canning’s “The Trouble with Normal, is it only gets worse” tour.

Bagdes-Canning says his campaign is focused on three major issues. Those three issues are building alternatives, climate, and the one most important to himself, corruption.

A third-party candidate often has to fight the misconception that a vote for them is wasted.

“What I’ve seen with the data is that no, we’re not throwing our votes away,” Bagdes-Canning said. “We are bringing new people into the process. there are people who are disgusted when you look at polls of politicians almost everybody is dissatisfied with our government so what we do is bring people in who normally wouldn’t vote at all.”