CLEARFIELD, Pa. (WTAJ) — A Clearfield man is facing charges after police responded multiple times to his home in one night on reports of men trying to get to him on a ladder that police say were just hallucinations.

Zachary Hess, 35, is facing charges after calling police four different times between 10:30 p.m. and 1:35 a.m. back on Feb. 9, reporting that unknown men were trying to get into his apartment.

Police searched around the building and into the tree lines at his residence on Daisy Street and told Hess they found no signs of anyone being there, including finding no new prints in the snow. After one of the calls, when Hess claimed the men were using a ladder to try and get to him, he gave police permission to come into his home where they ended up finding pills, marijuana, and paraphernalia in a backpack.

Hess claimed he had photos to prove these men existed and when police looked at the two photos on his phone, they only saw a blurry grey object and a CPAP machine. When told they didn’t see what he saw in the pictures, Hess reportedly told police his brother said the same thing. Police confiscated the drugs and told Hess charges would come in the mail.

A fourth and final call saw Hess reporting that the men were now in his home. He claimed one of the men was “spreading gas or cooking meth or something.”

After arriving, police tried to show Hess no one was in the home. They noted that the neighbor in the other half of the house made contact with them and said he was really messed up on something.

Police took Hess into custody and transported him to Penn Highlands Clearfield for an evaluation.

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Hess is now facing charges including disorderly conduct, misuse of 911 systems, possession of a controlled substance and more.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 23. Hess is currently in Clearfield County Prison on $5,000 bail.