Aaronsburg, Haines Township, Centre County, Pa- Thursday morning firefighters were called to an Amish house fire.

No one was hurt in the fire, but firefighters say it was tough to put out.

Firefighters told WTAJ that high winds helped the fire to spread from the chimney to the different parts of the roof, and spreading the fire around made it difficult to extinguish.

The Millehim Fire Chief said at least six different local fire company’s responded to help put out the flames from in the home, located on Cemetery Road in Haines Township.

Several tankers had to shuttle water to the scene because there were no nearby fire hydrants. 

Officials believe the fire started just after 10:00 am Thursday morning.

They say the owner was not home at the time of the fire and they’re unsure if anyone else was inside when the fire started. The home is a total loss.

Normally with a fire like this, the American Red Cross will be called-in to help the family find shelter. But in this case, the local Amish community, along with other community members, is stepping up to take care of the victims.