HOLLIDAYSBURG, Pa. (WTAJ) — What would you do if you had a driveway that you couldn’t drive on? One couple from Frankstown Township is trying to figure that out, after Township officials told them that their driveway was causing a rain drainage issue.

Rebecca and Steve Dale were ready to move into their new home in September, but before moving in, town officials had to inspect to make sure everything was within the town’s ordinances.

The Dales were notified that their current driveway was not up to code. They were presented with one option: change the driveway to meet the needs of the town. They could’ve chosen not to do it, but without changing the driveway, they wouldn’t be able to live in the home.

The Dale family was prevented from moving into their new home for four weeks while the driveway was repaired.

Steve suggested putting in an NDS drain that would remove 5.5 inches of rainfall per hour.

“We wanted to handle all of the water problems from this property, on this property. We didn’t want to send any of it downhill to anybody else. Our main goal in all of this was to make sure that we’re not causing any more water problems for Frankstown Township,” Steve said.

Township officials said they would consider the proposal and shortly declined it thereafter, despite there being a storm drain relatively close to the property.

A picture of the driveway before it was remodeled. (Credit: Steve Dale)

The Dale’s have spent close to $25,000 to fix the driveway and bring it up to the town’s ordinances.

How the driveway looks now. (Credit: Steve Dale)

“We should rent out the driveway if someone wants to skateboard, just so we can get back a portion of our money,” Rebecca said.

Though the pictures don’t look that different, the dip in the driveway is bigger than it seems. Their vehicles can’t go up the driveway without scraping the underside of the car.

“We have a camper that’s coming back, and when it does, we don’t know where we’re going to park any of our vehicles.”

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Frankstown Township officials have not returned our calls to comment.

Rebecca and Steve plan on attending the next public town meeting until the issue is resolved.

“We just want to be part of the neighborhood, and we don’t want anybody to get hurt. Imagine kids running on our driveway when it’s time to trick-or-treat,” the Dales added.