HOLLIDAYSBURG, Pa. (WTAJ) — Not everyone is lucky enough to find something they are passionate about, so when 19-year-old, Zach Wyland found his passion, he decided to go full speed ahead.

Behind the doors of Hollidaysburg Area Senior High School, an artist was born.

In photorealism, it’s all about the detail, the closer you look the more you see. By using just two colors his photos come to life.

“I really enjoy what all I can accomplish with just black and white I think it’s very tricky to get two different textures on the same thing just by using different kinds of tools on the same medium,” Wyland said. 

Zach uses graphite pencils, charcoal, and paper to get as close to the original photograph as he can. 

“I want to challenge myself to see how close to the original I can get,” Wyland said. 

Zach’s high school art teacher, Alyssa Watt, is one of his biggest motivators.

“The constant support from her has been such a driving factor for everything, I’ll finish a drawing and the first person I’ll show it to is her and see what her reaction is,” Wyland said. 

And his support doesn’t stop there…

“His whole family would be involved and someone was holding this camera and someone was holding the iPhone and someone holding the iPhone and someone holding the water just to make it right,” Watt said. 

“They were like you’re good enough to go to college for this and keep pushing it we really want you to,” Wyland said. 

Zach knew how to draw before he could talk, a talent his family doesn’t share.

“I think I was just kind of born with it,” Wyland said. 

Zach’s work really starts when he picks up a camera.

“He’ll photograph the subject first and he’ll use math to grid it all out so that it’s to a T and it’s all proportional and perfect,” Watt said.

It’s all about the detail, the closer you look the more you see.

“I’m not an outgoing person, I keep everything inside, and the way I express it is through my original work, and it’s very refreshing and tough at times and refreshing to that everything you’ve been feeling the past couple of months putting it into one drawing and showing everyone that,” Wyland said.

Zach is now furthering his dream of being an artist at Juniata College.

As he continues to make his way into the art world he is taking commissions, but the waitlist is long.

He is also trying to build up his social media. You can find him at:

Website: zacharywyland.com
Instagram: @zacharywyland
Facebook: Zachary Wyland