Cresco Yeltrah is the company that’s operating the grow facility in Jefferson County. Company officials say they’re ahead of schedule for the six month deadline. They’re hoping to be the first ones in the state in full operation. 

“We’re going to be consistent. We want this for the patients. We’re producing a pure product,” explains Cresco Yeltrah C.O.O, Trent Heartly. 

Pills, oils, and vape products are all a part of their products expected to be available. Heartly says it’s going to be a much different facility than what people may imagine. “The dispensaries are going to look much different than you would see in Colorado, where you walk in and it’s filled  with flower,” says Heartly, “this is a medical market.”

Pennsylvania state law prevents smoking as a form of the medication. However, this means there there will be different methods of extraction. The entire process will be completed  the 46,000 sqft grow facility, located in the old Saint Mary’s Carbon building, sitting next to The Jefferson County Jail.

“The state requires all processing is done within the facility where everything is grown,” says Heartly. 

Cresco Yeltrah officials say they plan on giving back to the community. Jefferson County will receive one percent of the site’s proceeds. The company is expecting to hire 20 workers immediately, and may hire up to 80 once it’s fully operational. Heartly says the pay will begin around $15 an hour. “Higher pay and job benefits and job benefits, those are things you don’t see in a lot of industries today.” 

The company will be attending a job fair in DuBois at The Best Western Inn On Saturday October 7th from 10 Aa.M. Until 3 P.M. The company is hoping to have product on the shelf by February.