JOHNSTOWN, Pa (WTAJ)—Barber and Gents on Vine Street in Johnstown is making a difference for families and children by offering a haircut promotion for the school year.

This promotion is in collaboration with the Johnstown Police Department. Many officers use the location as their barber. The goal is to help lower-income families who are struggling to pay for all things back to school.

Owner Reese Headerson understands firsthand how much it can cost for back to school. He hopes this small promotion can make a financial difference for the Greater Johnstown area families.

“Anything helps, especially with inflation and everything right now,” Headerson said. “I grew up low-income, single parent, struggling to get all my things, and every red cent helps.”

Patrolman and School Resource Officer with Johnstown Police Chaz Cypher sees that a haircut can change a kid’s attitude.

“You might see a kid with a fresh haircut and good clothes. There are a lot of kids that can’t experience that,” Cypher said. “So, by him offering these haircuts to these individuals. I think it’s great. It’s good for them, makes them want to come to school, and brightens their day.”

Additionally, both parties believed this would spread a positive message about the Johnstown area. The police believe the conjoined effort also demonstrates the message of what a community should be.

“It is, in my opinion, the only way to make a difference,” Cypher said. “There’s so much negativity out there, not only on police but society in general. They are a lot of good people left in this world. Stuff like this makes a huge impact.”

Headerson started cutting hair at a young age and puts his heart and soul into every customer that sits in his chair. He opened Barber and Gents in September 2021, and he’s had positive reviews and respect from the Johnstown area.

Since the promotion began, customers have loved the message behind it. He hopes that every kid that comes through his shop leaves feeling fresh and cool for the school year.

“I think getting a haircut has the most value out of anything,” Headerson said. “It’s a 20 bucks or less service that makes you feel like a million dollars, so it’s always a good thing.”

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All kids within the Greater Johnstown Area School District, male or female, are eligible for the promotion. Folks can call the Johnstown Police Department and ask for Officer Cypher to get information about getting a certificate.