JOHNSTOWN, Pa. (WTAJ)– Johnstown residents celebrated their heritage at the annual Cambria City Ethnic Festival on Sunday along Chestnut Street.

All weekend long people enjoyed free live music and shopped from local food and craft makers. The festival feaetured a World Market with more vendors this year than ever before.

Melody Tisinger, the Director of Operations and Advancement at the Bottle Works Ethnic Art Center, said she enjoys seeing all those residents who come back each year.

“I think it’s the unspoken family reunion, class reunion you do see people who have moved away come back to the city,” Tisinger said. “And also get a reintroduction. The city has changed, as you can see our campus has grown since I think the 90s when the Folk Fest first started.”

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Melody says that it is a whole community effort to put the festival on every year and that they try to make it as diverse as possible to reflect Johnstown’s heritage.

The event ran from Friday through Sunday and also included tons of artist and performances.